Make some extra  Money by Selling us your scrap Gold.@ gold and Silver Coins.
.to Daveco Precious Metals in Gillsville, Georgia

Receive Money for Scrap Gold at Daveco Precious Metals.

Turn your unwanted possessions into cash by selling your gold and silver coins, as well as scrap goldl to our company in Gillsville, Georgia. Daveco Precious Metals helps you earn a little extra cash during these hard times by purchasing your gold and silver. or gold and silver coins, flatware, and or watches. Contact us at (866) 959-7126 to sell your scrap gold and silver today.

We Purchase:
 • Gold  • Silver  • Platinum
Gold and Silver Coins
Exchange gold and silver. Coins for cash at Daveco Precious Metals. We offer some of the highest prices on everything from 1/10-ounce to 1-ounce Gold coins. Daveco Precious Metals accepts 40% clads and 90% silver coins.(pre 1964) diams,qut,halves.  As well as gold coins. Our purchasing price fluctuates based on the market value of gold and silver coins, but we are always happy to provide you with a consultation in person or over the phone. You can also mail all your scrap gold ,gold coins silver coins flat ware etc  We use ups usps or fed ex . Call us to lock in your selling price today.
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 • Free Estimates  • High Purchasing Prices  • Friendly Customer Service
Gold - Scrap Gold in Gillsville, GA
About Us
At Daveco Precious Metals, we pride ourselves on paying very competitive prices for the precious metals we buy. Our experts have 22 years of experience and opened this company to provide you with the honest purchase prices that you deserve. Whether you're selling old coins, jewelry, or scrap, Daveco Precious Metals is the place.

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